Gallery: Kitchen Extension, Upton, Chester

Getting a kitchen extension added to your home not only adds monetary value to the property, but it can also completely transform the place into the kitchen and living space you have always dreamed of.

One such kitchen extension in Upton Park, Chester, resulted in this beautifully modern large open plan kitchen. Light, airy and functional, this white kitchen with pale grey work surfaces hosts many features, both practical and decorative.

It is architectural touches like this that you are able to choose when getting your own kitchen extension built from scratch. You can choose a wall of glass windows like this one, letting the light flood in onto the new natural wood flooring, and again enhancing the fresh white design scheme. Electric lighting is another aspect that can be designed from scratch, such as recessed lighting, that gives another modern design touch.

This extension incorporates the needs of the home owner and it is designed so that the most is made out of the added space. A decorative diamond shaped window has been added that not only provides light, but also adds an interesting and original feature to that part of the space. By incorporating touches such as this into the overall design of the extension, you rely less on furniture to make the place unique, as you have original architectural modifications instead.

A real wood burner has been built in to this extension too, in a neat and manageable way, giving a contemporary interior design something classic and traditional, yet in a modern way.

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