Rogue Roofers on the Prowl in Chester

ROGUE roofers are ripping off homeowners in Chester – something Rees Developments want to stamp out.

Unknown roofers have been trawling residential areas cold-calling on homeowners, pointing out alleged problems with roof tiles and then charging an exorbitant amounts to repair them.

One couple who were charged an outrageous £750 simply to replace few ridge tiles – a job that took just three hours and the quality of the work isn’t guaranteed. There are even reports of these workmen driving people to cash point machines to draw out money to pay them.

Vincent Rees said: “This is disgraceful behaviour and needs stamping out straight away. A professional and reputable builder will never simply cold-call and point out alleged problems with your home that you didn’t know you had.

These scam artists prey particularly on the old and the vulnerable and it is simply wrong.

“No builder who values his reputation will ever cold-call and alarm you into having possibly unnecessary work done at an exorbitant price.”

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