Single Storey Extension in Hoole completed

Many people add an extension to their home, for reasons including; they don’t want to move but want more space, or that they perhaps want to add monetary value by making their home larger and more unique that other similar properties on the same street. Here is an example of a house extension in Chester.

This particular build is a single-storey extension, built onto a traditional family home in Hoole, Chester. As you can see, the style compliments the house perfectly, and ultimately has added a great amount of value to the home too. The added value from this renovation project however is not just in terms of the added financial value of the house, but also the benefits it now delivers of extra space.

This home has gained loads more space for the family to enjoy living in, and the extra rooms are light and airy with the modern patio doors which look onto the private garden. The decking that is nearing finalisation is also part of this project, and makes for an excellent addition to the patio doors that will open onto it from the living and dining area. The decking will help tie the back of the house to the garden, giving an option for outdoor living too in the better weather.

New gallery images for this project coming soon

Please revisit our website in the next week or so or watch out on our Facebook wall for a new set of photos from our photographer showing the exceptional finish we have achieved inside the extension.

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